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Magic Factory is an organization which was formed back in 2009, with its goal being development and promotion of creative industry on the areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina and entire western Balkan. In the period of six years we have participated in the development and realization of dozens of projects, however the most meaningful and biggest project was Tuzla Film Festival which was established back in 2012. With this project Magic Factory started bringing culture of the film arts back in to the city of Tuzla which was back then for over 30 years without a cinema! Year after the first Festival the city also got it’s first post-war cinema. Further on, Magic Factory with this project employs over 20 people, and secures a space for over 80 volunteers during the preparations and duration of the festival. It’s also noteworthy to mention that Magic Factory owns a database of over 600 producer houses, and Tuzla Film Festival was accepted into the world family of festivals. Our goal, to become a service for creative industry of the region, is mostly established, however that is not the only area where we would like to stay. Our next project is of completely different character. The goal is to develop an area for establishing gaming industry at the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina and region. Considering that this branch of creative industry keeps getting bigger and stronger on the world market, and doesn’t present any language barriers, we have decided to create Nexus Festival which will work on Gaming Development, and offer a possibility to all interested to have their products launched on to the world market. Our mission is to give young people an area suitable for living and our vision is to do that over our projects. If you see yourself travelling this road, join us or help in some other ways.

With respect

Boris Balta,
president of Magic Factory.

Sponzor 10. Tuzla Film Festivala: